Fault Diagnosis & Repair


At AMS we specialise in fault diagnosis and repair. This is much more than just plugging in a computer and finding a fault code. Whether it is an electrical issue or a fault light on we can accurately diagnose the problem using a combination of the right information, knowledge and professional tooling to get to the root of the problem.

To diagnose and fix the problem we start by gathering all relevant information about your vehicle and understand the problem being caused.

We then logically perform tests using guages, serial data tools and oscilloscopes to determine the source of the fault.

We consider known faults and software updates. The fault can then be confirmed by analysing the system data and identifying anomalies.

Technical information including wiring diagrams can be used to construct a test plan. We then use the best equipment to check for sporadic and permanent faults. Once all the findings are documented we consult with the vehicle owner regarding our analysis and recommendations.

Accurate fault finding and testing is critial to the process and ensures the vehicle is fixed first time at the lowest possible cost.