Other Services

we offer at AMS

BMW X-Drive Repairs

At AMS we can provide a high quality drivetrain rebuild

If you are experiencing a shudder through your vehicles drivetrain underload or a roughness at road ends whilst on full lock then your drivetrain more than likely needs some attention

We keep repair kits in stock to rebuild your transfer case at a fraction of the cost of a new unit

All BMW X-drive models run with this drivetrain from 1-Series to X7 models

After build and transfer is refitted we carry out a full calibration using genuine BMW software

Automatic Gearbox Oil Flush

Our autmatic gearbox flush is far superior to a manual oil change for automatic cars

The difference in the condition of the gearbox oil can be clearly seen

Gearbox Servicing

At AMS we have the skill and experience to accurately diagnose manual, semi-automatic and automatic gearbox faults

If you are having an issue then we can carry out a thorough inspection and advise on the most suitable solution

Air Conditioning

Not only does air conditioning keep you cool and fresh in the summer but it also plays an essential part in the vehicles heating and ventilation system in the winter

A corretly functioning air conditioning system acts as a dehumidifier to de-mist your windscreen faster in the cooler months

Regular maintenance of a vehicles air conditioning is required as a vehicles system will naturally loose refrigerant each year

Regular servicing of air conditioning  can also save on costly repairs in the long run

Wheel Alignment

AMS uses the latest Hunter wheel alignment equipment to improve the geometry of your steering and suspension with a high degree of accuracy

Correct wheel alignment is key for a better and safer driving experience. It can also save you money by reducing the tyre wear and improve fuel consumption

Wheel alignment should also be checked if your vehicle has had a incident that could affect it such as hitting a pothole or kerb

Vehicle Servicing

Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is safe and reliable. At AMS we use the very latest information, tooling and repair techniques to ensure that all repairs and maintenance are carried out to the highest standard


Timely servicing can identify faults early before a problem worsens reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. This ensures optimum performance and maintains fuel economy


We use guaranteed genuine parts and will complete your service record to uphold the manufacturers warranty. Depending on brand servicing includes an online update as well as a printout for your vehicles service portfolio


Service history also has a big impact on your vehicles value when it comes time for resale so it pays to have your service carried out properly


As wear and tear naturally occurs to a vehicle over time and mileage, we carry out a comprehensive inspection to alert you to any possible work that may be required.